Quit Smoking

I was a long time cigarette smoker. I wanted to quit but needed a little extra help. I had successfully stopped years before with acupuncture so I thought I’d try again. The first thing I noticed about Fate was her enthusiasm. I also noticed she asked me a lot of questions. She is very thorough in her examination. Fate took time out to answer my pesky questions too . All were answered to my satisfaction. I had found Oriental Medicine doctors to be enigmatic in their explanations. Fate’s answers make sense to me. I didn’t stop smoking all at once. . . I cut back. Fate did not pressure me to go ‘cold turkey’ and I thank her for that. Her caring is very sincere. When I did stop I continued seeing Fate and we started to add more goals to my treatment plan. My legs were bothering me and I was having sleeping problems. Fate treated these new problems while we kept my ‘not smoking’ our paramount objective. Everything worked out. I am still smoke-free today . I freely acknowledge Fate Daou as contributing the most to helping me get here. I feel that I wasn’t being treated by Fate so much as I was being nurtured by Fate. I’m sure she will continue winning hearts and ‘Fate healing’ wherever she practices.
Donna Grob

Back Pain

“Fate Daou is an excellent acupuncturist. Her treatment process is effective, professional, thorough and compassionate. I have a spinal arthritis condition with painful symptoms. Fate’s treatments always leave me feeling energized with improved mobility and less physical pain. I heartily recommend Fate to anyone who wants to improve their health or just feel better.”
Fabian Fernandez, L.M.T


Dear Fate;

As I had told you during my recent visit to your office, I have been the “ultimate skeptic” about non-conventional medicine for treating pain & other  afflictions. Also, since I am not a “pill taker,” just “popping” anti-inflammatories like Advil and Aleve is not my “style”. When someone mentioned that I should try acupuncture to relieve the pain in my hand I just felt like I would “live with the hurt” and allow my “stiff upper lip method” to prevail. Every night I would awake with aching in my right hand and horrible pain in the fourth finger that I attributed to “age and arthritis.” I felt that there was nothing that I could do to alleviate it. Then I came to your office for a treatment. VOILA! I could not believe that a single acupuncture treatment could relieve 85% of the pain and result in no aching feeling in the finger at night and i n the morning. No more soaking my hand in hot water to soothe it. I have almost forgotten that it ever bothered me. Needless to say, I will be back for further treatments a s your technique was so painless that I now feel like I have found the solution to any pain that might occur, anywhere in my body, as I get older.

Nathaniel L. Weil
Acute pain in a woman knee