Chinese Herbal Medicine consists mainly of vegetable sources including leaves, flowers, twigs, stems, roots, tubers, rhizomes, and bark.  There are animal and mineral products used on occasion as necessary.  Most of the herbs used (about 80-85%) come from China with the remaining percentage having been integrated from outside China.  Although these herbs come from a different country, they have been proven to work for people in the United States and all over the world.  Herbal products come in different forms – raw, powder, pills, tablets, tea.

​Many patients are curious about the nature of Chinese Herbal Medicine.  There are a few important things to understand.  Chinese Herbal Medicine differs from Western folk medicine in that it usually uses a larger variety of herb in each prescription. While Western folk medicine typically uses one or a few herbs to treat symptoms, a Chinese Herbal prescription can contain 6-18 herbs.  Also, Chinese diagnosis includes not only a disease diagnosis, identifying the symptoms, but also a pattern diagnosis, identifying a person’s pattern that is causing weakness and disease in them.  The variety of herbs is specially selected to deal with the person’s immediate as well as long term problems.  They have hardly any side effects, and if a patient does experience any unpleasant side effects the practitioner can adjust the amounts of herb in their mixture until there are no side effects.


Medicinal Herbs are very effective and a powerful modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There is several hundred traditional formulas that treat a vast array of imbalances and disease. A wide variety of individual herbs can be chosen from roots, flowers, stems, seeds, to oyster shells, fruits and combined into a formula.


Our bodies have a powerful, innate and natural self-healing ability. The principle of Chinese medicine is not simply to treat the symptoms of disease, but to diagnose and correct underlying imbalances that prevent your body and mind from functioning as a balanced whole, and being in harmony with the environment you live in.

Using a combination of natural treatments such as Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage and cupping, we aim to relieve your symptoms while supporting your body to restore and strengthen its own natural healing ability. Our practitioners will also give you individual lifestyle and dietary advice relevant to your condition, drawing from over two thousand years of Chinese health preservation experience.

Chinese medicine offers a safe, gentle and effective alternative to treat those conditions that have failed to respond to contemporary medicine. It also works in conjunction with western medicine and other complementary therapies, or when a natural and drug-free alternative is preferred.